What Makes a Press Release Newsworthy?

Press releases are an effective way to garner publicity for your business. Although distributing a news release doesn’t guarantee coverage for your brand, by planting the seed with journalists and bloggers, it might very well lead into a future feature opportunity. Additionally, placing your press release on your website is an effective way to communicate with your existing and prospective customers.

So, what news is worthy of a press release?

Below are three questions to consider before crafting your next press release.

Is the news relevant to anyone outside your company?

Does the news impact your consumers, investors or the community? Is your story about something novel or accomplishing something first? The more people your news impacts, the more likely a journalist will be interested. A few examples of newsworthy happenings:

  • Introducing new products or services
  • Expanding into new locations
  • Industry firsts – new innovation, new technology, etc.

Is your news timely?

Your news should be timely and immediate. Consider the outlet for which you are pitching as publication cycles vary by medium. Additionally, if you are able to link your story to trending topics or current events, it will enhance your chances of coverage.

Does your news showcase a noteworthy brand initiative?

Are you sharing news about a recent significant development or charitable contribution to the community? Internal accomplishments can be newsworthy if they have a larger impact externally, such as:

  • Awards
  • Partnerships/Acquisitions
  • An executive appointment (i.e. CEO) or ownership changes
  • Involvement in charity work, making a charitable contribution

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