The Twitter universe is abuzz about the now infamous U.S. Airways X-rated tweet. And while the tweet is unabashedly bad, and questions will swirl about how such a “copy and paste” accident could even happen, I can’t help but laugh and applaud the humorous responses that have spawned as a result. Do a quick search for #usairways and you’ll find a smattering of good-natured (and very funny) tweets.  And let’s not overlook the sheer spike in popularity that U.S. Airways is currently experiencing online. At the end of the day I’m not sure how much damage control is really necessary.  Let’s face it -this wasn’t a mistake…someone over there knew what they were doing when they posted the photo in response to a growing Twitter feud with a disgruntled customer. But is that really going to make you not want to fly U.S. Airways?  Could it actually have the opposite result? #usairways