Twitter Mistakes Gone Viral


Although the latest US Airways Twitter blunder may be one of the most disturbing for Twitter followers, it is not the first made by a corporate giant. Other companies like Chrysler and Kenneth Cole have made slight errors in judgement on Twitter and users are quick to find the mistake and it often spreads like wildfire.

Twitter blunder

Twitter blunder

Even though in most cases the company catches their mistake in a timely manner, there are still screen grabs that are taken by Twitter followers and the image continues to live on being posted on other sites and archived in Google images.

In some cases though, companies act quick on their feet and resolve the issue with tact and humor. In 2011, the Redcross Twitter account owned up to its mistake after Red Cross’s social media specialist Gloria Huang mistakenly posted a personal tweet on the company’s feed.

Twitter blunder

“We’ve deleted the rogue tweet but rest assured the Red Cross is sober and we’ve confiscated the keys,” Red Cross later tweeted. Dogfish Head beer joined in on the blunder retweeting the “gettingslizzerd” hashtag and asking followers to donate to the Red Cross.  Although the entire episode was rather embarrassing for the organization, the PR team was able to quickly turn it into a positive.

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