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3 PR opportunities on St. Patty’s Day


St. Patrick’s day is notoriously a whirlwind of green accessories, clovers, occasional pinching, little men with pointy shoes, and ample beer for drinking. Who couldn’t love a holiday that revolves around mirth and merriment? Sure, we’re a whole ocean away from the country who gave birth to this day, but we enjoy it just as much as any other holiday. So, how do we as PR professionals take advantage of St. Patty’s day in a slightly more significant way? Here are 3 ways to spice up your PR on St. Patrick’s:

1. Dress (your products) according to theme

I’ll never forget when my mom made green eggs and ham for my sister and I on St. Patrick’s day. The eggs were actually green (thanks to a drop of food coloring) and I was astonished. Those eggs were no different-tasting than what mom always made, but they were memorable because they were clever and unusual. In the same sense, “dressing” your products and/or services according to the green theme of this holiday might be what makes you memorable to a customer or client. One of the proudest American traditions on St. Patty’s Day is green beer (which, it might interest you to know, was originally made from laundry whitener!) – try thinking along those lines. You need not change the essentials of your product/service, but only dress them up for the holiday. Chances are you’ll get noticed for it.

2. Host some shenanigans

What better day to  host an event than St. Patrick’s Day? The Irish are known for their warmth and friendliness, so take some time to channel your inner Celt and emulate the spirit of Ireland. Whether your business is family-friendly or adult-oriented, this holiday provides ample opportunity for social gatherings that can help you get your name out there. Use this day to host or participate in a relaxed and fun event that might help you break the ice with clients or customers. Throw in some green food and beverages, and you’ve got yourself a winning shindig.

3. Make it special

When you reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, make sure to share some of the wealth. St. Patrick’s Day is great for a one-day special or sale. Giving your customers/clients a little discount or reward can only add to the merriment that this holiday provides. Coupons, vouchers, enter-to-win contests, and the like are easy and effective ways to gain a little appreciation from the public. They’ll think you’ve bestowed them with the luck of the Irish and will likely come back for more.

With these simple PR strategies, you can enjoy your St. Patrick’s day whilst simultaneously bettering your business. It’s a win-win for all!

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