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Seahawks Soar to Victory

The original Seahawk

The Seahawks swooped in for a historic win last night. I could talk about the game, or the ads, or the massive hangover all of Seattle likely has this morning, but there will be plenty of that in the coming days. So, how about a little art and design in honor of the victors…

(First, there’s really no such thing as a Seahawk. It’s actually an Osprey, or a Skua, or an Augur Hawk or some combination of those…but none of those work like the “seahawk” does for a Seattle sports brand.) So where did the iconic Hawks mascot come from? Long recognized as a general take on Pacific NW Coast art, according to the Burke Museum at the University of Washington, the original seahawk inspiration has been traced to a mask of the Kwakwaka’wakw representation of an eagle:

The original Seahawk

The original Seahawk

And, it’s one of those really cool masks that opens up to reveal a human face:

The original Seahawk

Mask opened to reveal human face inside (not Richard Sherman).

Learn more at Burke Museum’s blog.

Did any of you place bets? The Seattle Art Museum did. Hawks fans should head to SAM in the near future to continue the victory dance. According to the LA Times, the Seattle and Denver Art Museums placed a wager before the big game; each museum promised a loaned piece of art to the winning team. So, since the Seahawks won…

“Seattle will view with satisfaction Remington’s 2-foot-high depiction of a rearing bronco being whipped into submission.”

Broncho Buster

Denver Art Museum’s wager: the Broncho Buster will be on loan to SAM, coming soon

Denver Art Museum’s website describes the piece: “In 1895, Frederic Remington first endeavored to sculpt and the resulting work is one of the most enduring visual images of the American West. The bronze horse symbolizes the spirit and tenacity of the Wild West. Popular from the time of its creation, The Broncho [Remington’s spelling] Buster stands today as an icon of the region and is thought of as the first action bronze of a western hero.”

Pretty fun stuff, huh? Congrats to the soaring hearts in Seattle and beyond.

Social Media Done Right, Super Bowl Edition

airport the Denver International Airport is showing its fun side by celebrating the Bronco’s success while lightly poking fun at the Seattle Seahawks on social media.

With the Super Bowl just days away, I think it’s safe to say football is on the minds of many people – especially those in Seattle and Denver. For me, this year is a tough pick. As a Washingtonian, I consider the Seahawks my home team. But I have a deep, deep love for Peyton Manning. After getting the boot from the Colts, I find it invigorating that he has taken the Broncos to the Super Bowl. What am I to do?!

Let’s put the game aside. One thing I can get behind is social media done right, especially when it’s done cleverly and tastefully. According to the Bleacher Report, the Denver International Airport is showing its fun side by celebrating the Bronco’s success while lightly poking fun at the Seattle Seahawks on social media.



DEN Seahawks on social media

Both Denver International Airport and Sea-Tac Airport have taken this opportunity to increase their Twitter followers and show their support for their respected NFL team. In addition, the Denver International Airport is also proudly displaying Peyton Manning’s signature ‘Omaha!’ call through its monikers. For those who are confused by this reference, this is a cue Peyton has used the past several months for running the Bronco’s offense. Flights leaving Denver bound for Omaha, Nebraska now arrive in ‘Omaha!’


Sure, Denver’s got the Super Bowl spirit – who wouldn’t? Those who are passing through Sea-Tac and Denver are sure to feel the energy this week. What a great year for the Super Bowl – may the best team win!