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Happy Birthday, George Washington

Presidents' Day

Happy Presidents’ Day!

Or rather, Happy Washington’s Birthday (since that’s really what today’s date commemorates). Because it appears on many calendars as “Presidents’ Day,” I’ll go with it. Here’s a fun peek at how the nation is celebrating.

Presidential branding

Take a look at this fun personal project by Meg Jannott is a collection of quick studies to Brand the Presidents.

George Washington's "brand"

Thomas Jefferson's "brand"

Rutherford B. Hayes' "brand"

Zachary Taylor's "brand"

Franklin Roosevelt's "brand"

For quick explorations, I think some of them are quite stunning.

Wassail to the chief

Seattle Met magazine took a different and playful spin on Presidents’ Day trivia with “Potable POTUS: Seattle’s Ultimate Presidents’ Day Bar Crawl.” (Read the full article here.)

Presidents' Day drinks

A prediction of each president’s poison, were he alive today.

What would Washington have washed it down with? Their prediction: “The Bohr, essentially a Manhattan made with that white whiskey.” Aside from intriguing drink match-ups, there’s some interesting presidential trivia here…I’ll drink to that!