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Don’t Forget to Tweet Your Vegetables

spicy food porn

Anyone with an account on FaceBook,  Instagram and the like has been assailed by food porn – what seems like never-ending images of  elegantly plated bacon-wrapped shrimp or a sky-high stack of pancakes drizzled with whipped cream and caramel.

Like its more salacious cousin, you know it when you see it. Food porn is found in social media and traditional media alike, often with glossy, provocative images of high-calorie dishes so decadent that one might proclaim them better than sex. Some photographers take food porn a step further, eroticizing the food or borrowing from the pornographic aesthetic.

tweet your vegetables

I just discovered, however, that there’s such a thing as the Food Porn Index, and it’s a good reminder that just about anything can be marketed with some creativity – even your healthy veggies. The Food Porn Index is a marketing campaign by juice and carrot company Bolthouse Farms to change the conversation and help people make better food choices. The index collects the hashtags being used online and tracks what foodies and regular people alike are sharing. The campaign encourages people to post, tweet and share more about healthy foods – specifically fruits and vegetables – and shift the focus away from the unhealthy food porn that dominates most food-related images and hashtags.

At the time this blog post was written, the index was skewing 70.8% toward unhealthy foods, with nearly 7 million #bacon hashtags alone. What’s interesting is that they have a built-in method of assessing the effectiveness of the marketing campaign – the index itself. Check out the interactive website, and don’t forget to tweet your vegetables

Gregory Crewdson’s Surreal Photography

Brief Encounters tells the story of  this “theatrical” photography.

Working as a designer involves a constant search for new inspiration and unique examples of self-expression. A few evenings ago, amid an underwhelming selection of questionable films on Netflix streaming, I came across a truly inspiring documentary. Brief Encounters follows Gregory Crewdson‘s 10-year odyssey creating a series of surreal, mind-blowingly detailed photographs of small-town American life.

With all the structure and planning afforded to a feature film, Crewdson’s work creates a profound tension between beauty and anxiety. His pieces have sold for as much as $150,000 for a single photograph. A single image can take up to two years to complete and involve hundreds of people in the process.

“My pictures are about everyday life combined with theatrical effect. I want them to feel outside of time, to take something routine and make it irrational. I’m always looking for a small moment that is a revelation.” —Gregory Crewdson