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Disney’s “Frozen” Breaking Records and Expectations


With its DVD release in US stores and debut in Japanese theaters this weekend, the Oscar-winning movie “Frozen” is expected to surpass Disney Pixar’s “Toy Story 3” as the highest grossing animated film in the world. Generating $1 billion at the worldwide box office, the same day it won two Academy Awards for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song, “Frozen” seems to be slowly taking over the world. But what makes this movie so powerful to both kids and parents alike?

The icy movie is progressive, no doubt about it. Disney’s “Frozen” introduces a message of sisterly love and not one, but two empowered and dynamic female characters. Sisters Anna and Elsa have distinct personalities and character flaws that make them relateble to viewers. As with other Disney movies in this era like Tangled and Brave, Anna and Elsa rely on their own courage and strength to solve their problems.

There is nothing traditional about this Disney princess movie and at times even pokes fun at Disney’s outdated “prince saves princess and the two fall madly in love with a happily ever after” story line. “Frozen” is more about the strong bond between sisters and the complex relationship that sisters share, protecting and loving one another.

Although this movie still has a strong love interest, Kristoff, he is honest, kind, and relatable. He too has flaws, there’s even a whole song dedicated to them, and he learns from them throughout the movie. Unlike other Disney love interests, he has a personality and puts other’s happiness before his own.

“Frozen” has thawed the hearts of viewers around the world and is likely to be a movie people come back to again and again. Not just because it is a cute story but because it’s progressively different and will change the way we look at Disney princess movies.