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Direct Mail is Not Dead — Especially Among the 18-34 Crowd

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Despite its reputation as a waning content marketing tool, the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that direct mail is still very relevant. In fact, according to a recent study referenced by the SBA, nearly two-thirds of all consumers reported they had purchased something as a result of direct mail in the past year. Among 18-34 year olds who are inundated by spam emails, text messages and banner ads, the SBA suggests that direct mail might even offer a sense of old-school charm that stands out from the rest of the noise. Moreover, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports that almost 80 percent of consumers will “…act on direct mail immediately, compared to only 45 percent who say they deal with email straightaway.”

One thing is clear—direct mail is showing no signs of becoming obsolete.

While people could easily make the shift to conduct their entire lives online, many people still opt to keep a balanced mix of online and offline interactions. They find virtue in connecting with a brand through a smartly-worded piece of mail that offers them something they value. Product discounts, reminders and packages are among the most coveted items, while pamphlets and customer magazines fare the worst, according to the DMA.

So, what’s the best way for you to market your business using direct mail? It’s important to remember that personalization is key. What might work for a retail store might not work for the nonprofit next door—and certainly not for most large-scale businesses. However, Adobe’s Digital Marketing blog offers some basic, up-to-date tips that can benefit almost anyone starting a direct mail campaign.

Mickael Bentz, product marketing manager at Adobe, recommends the below:

  • Targeting and personalization are crucial. Remember, your goal is to resonate with individuals, not to simply reach the masses.
  • Use direct mail as part of an overall campaign, as opposed to your only tactic.
  • Use clear and compelling calls-to-action. Often, you will need to repeat your call-to-action several times, as most of us skim our mail.
  • Provide multiple ways for readers to respond.
  • On paper, more information is often better. Keep in mind that people spend more time with information on a piece of paper than they do on a screen.


What do you want direct mail to accomplish for your business? Contact us to discuss how to make this tactic a supportive part of your overall communications strategy.