Social Media Marketing


Establishing branded Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other social media outlets are just the beginning of the social media marketing process. A.wordsmith, a social media marketing agency, provides the strategy and execution needed to navigate these channels and strategically leverage them to broaden the reach of your brand.

Online brand development

Get off on the right foot with a strong, consistent and authentic social media presence that tells your brand story in the right way. A.wordsmith can help you get started in a way that incorporates that latest techniques to drive traffic and build an engaged following.

  • Complete set up on all social media sites, including the development of collateral graphic design elements as needed
  • Secure all required social trademark URLs
  • Connection of all widgets, apps and badges


Strategy development

A.wordsmith believes that successful social media marketing is part of an integrated marketing strategy. Here are the steps we take to ensure social media is in play where it has the greatest impact.

  • Editorial calendar, incorporating both original and repurposed content, mapping to key communication milestones
  • Ready-to-publish content, as needed
  • SEO and keyword suggestions to drive traffic
  • Customized social media policies and procedures, including style and brand guidelines


Social media channel management

Once you’ve started the conversation, you need ongoing, holistic social media management to drive deep consumer engagement. Here’s how A.wordsmith can help.

  • Develop and monitor online engagement to nurture and grow your community
  • Identify and diffuse crisis communications situations
  • Identify opportunities to engage with traditional media via social media channels
  • Contest and giveaway hosting


Monitoring and analysis

Social media can provide more accurate insights into your customer profile than any other means. Once you’ve created the community, use them to analyze your customers to create more tailored brand messaging, products and services.

Today’s consumers demand a more intimate, social connection with the brands they love. But the social media landscape is ever-shifting and littered with potential pitfalls. A.wordsmith, a social media marketing agency has the expertise and dedicated resources to ensure your brand’s social media presence deepens existing client relationships and helps you expand within new communities.

Contact social media marketing agency A.wordsmith, and let’s get started today!