Media Relations Agency in Portland, Oregon

Media Relations Agency Portland


Because the media landscape is more diverse and intertwined than ever before, your customers are more savvy and selective in their media consumption. Today, a press release won’t cut it. Media relations today is about sustained, authentic, two-way conversations.

You need to tell a unique dynamic and ongoing story that will engage and persuade your audiences.

Your strategic partner

A.wordsmith, a media relations agency in Portland, Oregon, is a strategic partner that will help you talk to the audiences you want to reach. We know where and how your target audience is consuming media, and we know the stories to tell – proactively and in response to shifting public opinion and trends – that will impact your reputation and your bottom line.

We find your brand voice

A.wordsmith can help you find your brand voice – we have a deep background in defining and developing corporate tone, messaging and media storylines – and then amplify it.

The right stories, told in the right voice, to the right people

At the center of an A.wordsmith media relations campaign is your business imperative. Do you want to increase sales? Are you venturing into new markets? Do you need to attract the attention of better, smarter employees? The right stories, told in the right voice, to the right people, at the right time will enable you to achieve your goals.

Every company has a story to tell. Doing it in the right way, led by a team of professionals who understand your voice and your objectives, will elevate your story within an increasingly noisy media market.

We are strategic story tellers

We are innovative partners and conversation-starters. And we are experienced agency professionals and former journalists with established relationships with the editors, freelancers and reporters who can share your story in the most authentic way possible.

If this sounds like something you’ve been looking for, contact A.wordsmith, a media relations agency in Portland, Oregon, and let us help you find your voice.