Crisis Communication Plan and Strategy

Crisis Communication Plan Portland


Expect the best, be prepared for the worst. Your ability to respond quickly and effectively is a matter of having a thoughtful crisis communication plan and an on-the-ready team to manage crisis situations requiring immediate communications support.

Crisis communications isn’t one-size-fits-all

You can have all the right tools in place, but without an experienced team of crisis communications professionals on your side – the kind that can anticipate media explosions and turn a tragedy into an opportunity – you’ll lose.

Not all crisis can be planned against

Every opportunity to share your brand story, even if the subject is negative, is an opportunity nonetheless. Whether you are battling a crisis situation now, or you want to protect yourself against the unforeseen, A.wordsmith can lead you through in a way that positively impacts your brand.

A.wordsmith employs a variety of tactics that can help your company weather any kind of crisis communications experience:

  • A crisis communications plan, which may include a potential crises audit; methodology for classifying a crisis, with associated plans of attack; team roles and responsibilities; key messaging; and a detailed execution process. Having a crisis communication plan in your back pocket is an investment in your corporate reputation.


  • Ongoing media, consumer trend and policy monitoring to predict potential external crisis situations that may impact your brand.


  • Internal communications programs, which influence how your first line of defense and one of your most important audiences—your employees—tells your story. How you manage your internal story sets the tone of all external communications.


  • Fast-twitch, on-the-ground, in-person support. The first few hours after a crisis are chaotic and crucial. Immediate and honest communication with the media, your clients and your stakeholders are of life and death importance for your brand.


Are you prepared? Contact A.wordsmith about creating a crisis communication plan for your business.