Corporate Positioning


Whether you are embarking on the development of a new corporate identity, or looking to build or evolve an existing one, A.wordsmith can package your value proposition, capabilities and products into a powerful tool. No element of brand identity is too small when looking to instantaneously and holistically communicate your brand story.

Corporate identity is more than a logo; it is what drives your entire organization to perform; it is the framework by which your company operates.

A powerful corporate identity tells a succinct and cohesive story about your:

  1. Value proposition
  2. Capabilities
  3. Products


It not only drives sales, but escalates employee performance.

Demonstrating corporate identity through multiple channels

Your challenge is to communicate one brand story to many different audiences. A.wordsmith helps you overcome this challenge by partnering with you to both develop an identity that is equal parts honest and engaging, and demonstrate this identity consistently through multiple channels.


Lou Dorfsman was a corporate identity genius. For 40 years he designed every aspect of the Columbia Broadcasting Company’s (CBS) corporate identity, including the set of Walter Cronkite’s CBS Evening News to the exterior ticker sign system for CBS’ New York headquarters. He designed annual reports, and was responsible for every aspect of the CBS building interior design, going so far as to designate the type and spacing of wall clocks and elevator buttons.

No job was too small for Dorfsman, because corporate identity often makes its greatest impressions in the quietest ways.

Growing corporate identity with your company

Dorfsman retired well before his prime because he knew the company had grown into a new identity. Corporate identity must grow along with a company — it is not a static element, but something that matures and changes. A.wordsmith can help your company use brand imaging and copy to tell the story about where you’re going, instead of where you’ve been.

Let’s explore the possibilities for your corporate identity. Together we can bring your ideal brand to life.