Company Branding & Design

Corporate Identity Portland

At the intersection of creative graphic design talent and consumer and market intelligence is A.wordsmith. Our in-house design team offers the innovation of a large creative agency with the agility of a small shop.

Great design speaks across cultures, languages and biases.

Company branding is an investment in innovative thinking, positioning and communication that creates value for businesses in terms of customer trust and loyalty, internal cohesion and market share. And design is most effective when it is incorporated as a critical asset within a larger marketing plan, not plugged-in as a decorative after thought.

With full integration in your overall marketing strategy, A.wordsmith can create company branding and graphic design products that most effectively tell your story. We strive for sophisticated simplicity, incorporating cutting-edge design technologies and pure talent to promote your company brand at every point of consumer contact.

From helping to create your overall brand identity to leading the development of the finer details of your branded products, A.wordsmith creates designs that evoke emotion and incite change. Our development expertise includes:

  • Logo and visual standard development
  • Product packaging and point-of-sale visuals
  • Business and sales collateral
  • Special event products
  • Create consumer giveaways
  • Signage
  • Website and digital asset design
  • Company branding style guides


A.wordsmith’s company branding and design in action:


How is company branding and design working for you? Is it a strategic asset or an afterthought? Whether it is a one-time project or a brand overhaul, let A.wordsmith put design to work for you.

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