You see headlines on social media, websites and blogs that make claims – both negative and positive about millennials in the work force. Why do millennials have a lot to live up to and even more to overcome? Perhaps it is because this group will soon overtake baby boomers as the largest living generation in the U.S., according to an article by the Pew Research Center.

These tweets, posts and articles often claim that millennials are lazy, lack attention to detail, are entitled and often referred to as a “cut and paste” generation in which everything is given to them. What authors making these claims do not realize is that this generation has more power in the work place. With a generation retiring, millennials will have the opportunity to move up in the work force and make significant changes in company culture.

Power in numbers

It is true what is said about power in numbers – especially for this generation. Here’s why:

  1. They are tired of being stereotyped. With baby boomers who have claimed that this generation is “ruining the world” for them by being selfish and lazy. There is opportunity for them to push back against this type of stereotyping and have power in the conversation about where American society should be headed.
  2. They are involved in their communities. According to an article by The Huffington Post, today’s young Americans are more serious about giving back. Why is this important in the workplace? Studies have shown that volunteer work among employees can strengthen their work, reduce stress, broaden their networks and find meaning in their job.
  3. They have a fresh perspective on technology – cue the eye roll. Yes, it’s true, this age group grew up with technology and is actively exploring social media every day. This knowledge of social media strategies can aid in a business or company’s marketing efforts.


It is impossible to put everyone in the same box and assume similar social characteristics for a population of 75 million people, give or take. For now, we should embrace the new ideas and changes that millennials bring into the work place.