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America’s top copy editors have their own stories to tell, and we’re fortunate to be the ones helping them do so. Since late 2012, we have been responsible for developing and implementing a strategic thought leadership program for the non-profit, focused on the creation and publication of contributed articles that are reaching readers in media and publishing.

A board-run organization, ACES’ seasoned leadership is committed to furthering the awareness of the non-profit by contributing their thoughts on industry trends, issues and news affecting editors today. From tackling tough issues such as plagiarism to sharing what editing mishaps are keeping the board president awake at night, the range of ACES thought leadership topics is diverse and dynamic. As a result, we have garnered continual placements in outlets including Publishers’ Auxiliary, PBS’ MediaShift and

This type of highly focused storytelling also plays a role in the publicity and promotion of ACES’ annual conference, where we utilize media and member relations tools to drive attendance and showcase the news and best practices coming out of the event’s workshops.