ProKarma, Inc

Client Description

ProKarma is a global business technology and IT consultancy headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and Portland, Oregon.

Project Description

For years ProKarma has worked with many of the world’s largest and most respected companies. As they headed into 2013, they recognized that the company was generating impressive results, and had built a collection of valuable business case studies and successes; however, it was struggling with the balance between one of its core values — embracing humility in life and business – and having a  voice in the loud, boastful technology market. It needed a voice that was technically precise, true to its roots and compelling for buyers worldwide.

ProKarma partnered with A.wordsmith to define the company voice and create the content that brought it to life. A comprehensive white space analysis helped the team identify where the competition was playing and forecast not only the topics but also the most effective – and appropriate – tone of future ProKarma content.

Over the course of nearly five years, A.wordsmith has produced a portfolio of thought leadership content, including external-facing client case studies, technical white papers, blog posts and web copy.