Fast Growing Companies

Last Thursday I attended the 2013 Fastest Growing Companies event put on by the Portland Business Journal and I must say it was a great evening, all except for the food.  Why all the deep-fried delicacies?  Of all the Business Journal events this one is hands down my favorite.  It’s always a fun, party-like atmosphere where people feel relaxed and ready to recognize some of the most exciting companies in Portland. It was great being able to celebrate two clients that made the list – DataSafe and ProKarma.  Congratulations to them!  I also want to send a shout out to my friends at Kinesis and The Good for staking their claim in the Top 100. Beyond the companies I know, I realize there are many more that I don’t and am left to speculate about what makes them tick. Don’t we all want to know the secret behind the Ruby Receptionists mojo? Or how about the swankiness that Securus Payments brought to the party?  I appreciated that they had the NBA Finals Game 7 playing on an iPad at one of their tables. Making the list is no small feat – especially in a year like this past one when the economy started heading in the right direction and business growth was on the rise.  Congrats to all and here’s to another great year!

We’re Blogging!

we're blogging

Welcome to the A.wordsmith blog!

After more than four years in business we are taking the leap and starting a blog. As with any blog, the goal is to keep in better touch with all of you in a way that informs, insights and hopefully inspires new thinking on a variety of topics. Since we are communicators we’ll be weighing in on issues facing the public relations and marketing industries as well as sharing key learnings, successes, and our take on current news and trends. You’ll be hearing from a variety of A.wordsmith team members – each with different backgrounds and areas of interest and expertise. So without further adieu, let’s get this thing started!