It’s not always easy to come up with engaging, inspiring and fresh blog content to share with your audience. Yet maintaining a blog is fundamental to effective content marketing, helping businesses generate traffic to their website, enhance visibility and influence sales. Digital Marketer has come up with a solution to cure your writer’s block – in the form of a neat infographic, where they’ve shared 55 blog ideas, organized into 8 buckets or goals you may want to strive for with your posts. Read on to learn more about ways to generate useful and fresh blog content:

1. Be Useful

Establish yourself as an expert by sharing how-to’s, guides, present a problem and offer solutions, etc.

2. Be Human

Create posts that inspire others, shares personal experiences, takes readers behind-the-scenes

3. Be Generous

Craft posts that promote the good work of others, profiles influencers in your industry whom you respect

4. Be Promotional

Highlight features and benefits of your product/service, showcase recently completed projects or corporate success stories

5. Be Controversial

Present “What if” scenarios, share Q+A’s from your readers, post a challenge requesting feedback from your audience

6. Be Entertaining

Share a compelling story featured amongst a series of posts, exhibit humor through exaggeration or irony

7. Be Timely

Post content in accordance with current events, issues and trends

8. Be Engaging

Enhance connectivity with your audience by crafting posts which pose questions requesting feedback, encourages your audience to participate in a challenge or shares details about company promotions such as giveaways, contests or freebies

So, the next time you find yourself staring at a blank screen, review this list and try testing out some of these suggestions. Let us know if they work for you!

Blog post ideas

Credit – Digital Marketer

Image – Digital Marketer