There are numerous challenges online marketers face in the social media and digital marketing space. Below are 3 common challenges along with tips for overcoming them.

1. Challenge: Effectively Targeting Your Prospective Consumer.

Solution: Establish Your Buyer Personas.

According to Hubspot, it is important to develop a detailed picture of your target audience. Identifying your buyer personas ensures your message resonates with your intended audience and is providing value. You can develop buyer personas with these 3 steps: segment your target consumer by demographics, identify their needs, and develop behavior-based profiles. Ultimately, this will help tailor your content accordingly to your audience.

2. Challenge: Your content doesn’t engage.

Solution: Put the story first.

According to Content Marketing World, content for content’s sake doesn’t work, it’s the story that matters. To create engaging content, marketers need to become storytellers and educators.

How to source your next great idea?

  • Talk to your sales team to find out what are the most common customer queries
  • Research Google Keywords to find out what your customers are searching for
  • Take on a familiar subject with a different angle
  •  Create content your customers can emotionally invest in
  •  Appeal to who your customer’s aspiration
  •  Review my recent blog post for inspiration on content ideas


When it comes to crafting social media content, PR Daily advises it’s important to humanize your content by asking the following:

  • Would you be excited to be a member of your social community?
  • Would you share the content you provide?
  • Does the communication from your business come across as personable and trustworthy? Why or why not?


Viewing your content as a consumer, rather than a marketer, will help you humanize the voice of your content. In turn, this will increase engagement with your target audience.

3. Challenge: Enhancing Social Engagement Without Noise.

Solution: Build relationships based on customer loyalty and brand value. Don’t over-promote and instead focus on increasing word-of-mouth promotions.

According to Ahrefs’ Blog, many brands fail to realize the difference between pertinent social marketing communications versus noise. Having a relevant reason to engage your audience is key.

A few suggestions on ways to enhance social engagement without coming across as too noisy:

  • Solve consumer problems via social media.
  • Don’t always promote your products or services. Share what the users will love to see.
  • Build relationships between your brand and prospects.
  • Provide a meaningful reason to people to talk about your brand.
  • Enhance your product and customer experience to encourage people to talk positively about your brand.


What are some digital marketing challenges you’ve faced and how did you overcome them? Please feel free to share them in the comment section below.