As the year comes to a close, its time to take stock of where the media industry stands. From an analysis of the year’s publishing trends to the seven “megatrends” in media for 2014, the theme is innovation and adaptation in this brave new world of online and social media.

Using its social index — an analysis platform that measures social media performances of over 35,000 brands using 11 different metrics on over a dozen social networks — Sprinklr has identified the brands that have both most and least improved their performances on social media in 2014.

Here are the brands Sprinklr says demonstrated the most change over the two time periods compared in the year, in terms of improved sentiment among its audience and greater engagement with them among other factors.


Brian Kotlyar, the vice president of demand generation at Sprinkr, said that the list was fascinating because it reflected the changing market share realities too, citing the expansion of Uniqlo — a Japanese brand — into the American market and AMC further strengthening its brand over the year with the re-emergence of its blockbuster show “The Walking Dead” in popular culture.

“This list is definitely an interesting indicator of brands that we must pay attention to next year,” said Kotlyar.