I have a few surprises for those social media junkies out there! PRNews tweeted out an awesome infographic today about the 15 hidden features, tips and tricks for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Most of these came as a surprise to me – who knew you could “mute” a Twitter account without unfollowing it? Or that you could message someone on LinkedIn without actually being connected with them? For those folks who can’t seem to get enough of social media networks and learning more about better ways to use them, check out the infographic below provided by Salesforce.

Why should you care about social media?

For those who are less than interested in social networks, there is much to learn about why these platforms are great for both personal and business online presence. Facebook, for example continues to build its platform for business pages and allows users to manage their own or their businesses’ reputation, allow engagement, promote events, and to network and build relationships, whether personal or professional.

Twitter on the other hand is great at providing an opportunity for you or your business to report on news, build brand loyalty, provide a place for customer feedback and connect with potential or current customers. While LinkedIn is dubbed as the “professional” form of Facebook, it is important that every working student, graduate, professional has a page to promote themselves and connect with other professionals online.

Whether you love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and those who want to explore the many benefits of the platforms will love these hidden features.

Hidden Social Media Features You Should Know